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Cold Creek Closet

Do you have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear?


A closet evaluation will help clear out clutter and identify your wardrobe essentials.


The Cold Creek Closet review is a comprehensive service, customizable to provide you with wardrobe treatments that will help you realize the closet you desire and that reflects an image you are proud of.


Each package includes a gift card for Cold Creek Clothing.

What is Cold Creek Closet?

Your wardrobe is an extension of your personality; and we want to help you utilize each piece to its fullest potential.


When you allow us to help you create your own Queen's Closet, your entire wardrobe will be reimagined to best suit your personality and wardrobe needs.


Your consultation includes time with our team of stylists and their expertise in guiding you through your wardrobe's functionality. You will leave with a cohesive wardrobe that works to eliminate the stress of having to search for an outfit each morning.


Our goal is for you to have an understanding of how to utilize your clothing to flatter your figure, meet your needs in work and play, and provide outfits for any occasion.

The Queen's Closet

How can you incorporate those comfortable, casual pieces into your work attire?

Which outfits will take you from day to evening with the easiest transition?

Your entire wardrobe will be assessed and a cohesive closet presented to you.

Building a wardrobe can be a fun and enjoyable journey; we can also provide an annual maintenance check up.


Your work wardrobe reflects your professionalism and image in business, whatever your business may be. First impressions are so important; you will be confident that your clothing is a true extension of who you are and what you can do.


We all have casual pieces that we buy because of their comfort, but they don't always go with what we already own. Let us play with your everyday wardrobe- we will help you identify how to get the most out of every piece.


During your initial consultation we will discuss your vision for the ideal wardrobe- what you need it to do for you. Your thoughts and requirements are extremely important in this process and your input will make sure the process results in a wardrobe that suits your lifestyle.

Your Wardrobe in Cold Creek Closet.

Immersing ourselves in your wardrobe is key. We will provide you with garment bags and bins for you to transport your clothing and accessories to the Cold Creek Closet. Every item of your clothing will be steamed, then our team of stylists will work their magic. You will take home an organized and wearable wardrobe that reflects your self expression and confidence.

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